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Art Pmu brand is a synergy born out of love for beauty, professionalism, and pigmentation, based on the idea of artistry. It has been operating in the market for over 10 years, gathering followers from all around the world.
In its offer, it has a wide range of specialized pigments that meet all safety standards, distinguished by their uniquely beautiful colors and effectiveness.
The brand offers top-quality devices for permanent makeup as well as a Qswitch laser for removing permanent makeup and tattoos, which is one of their best-selling products.
ArtPmu Laboratory has also developed one of the most effective and safest pigment removal solutions on the market, the innovative Art Pmu remover.
The brand’s offer also includes a line of pre- and post-treatment products for pigmentation, such as pre-treatment peels, post-treatment creams, nourishing oils, cleansing solutions for use during pigmentation, and a carbon peeling mask.

Paula Eliasz & Szymon Eliasz

  • Creators of the ArtPmu brand
  • Certified permanent makeup trainers.
  • Licensed linergists with years of experience.
  • Medical cosmetologists (a Master’s degree from Jagiellonian University, a graduate of Medical Cosmetology at the Medical Faculty with a specialization in Medical Micropigmentation).
  • Judges of world championships in permanent makeup in Poland and abroad.
  • Speakers at international and national conferences.
  • Authors of numerous industry articles.
  • Founders of ArtPmu Academy, the Yearly ArtPmu School, and a renowned Trainer PMU School.
  • Creators of original pigmentation methods.
  • Privately, they are parents to Filip, Maks, and Zuzia.

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Pre- and post-treatment products

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In our offer, we have a wide range of specialized pigments, devices for permanent makeup, Qswitch laser, pre- and post-treatment products for use in pigmentation, and much more.

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ArtPmu Store

Discover the highest quality products and accessories for permanent makeup that will elevate your talent to a higher level.

Not just an ordinary store

Our brand, ArtBrand, is not just a treasure trove of high-quality products for permanent makeup. It is also an academy where we share our knowledge at the highest, global level, and a cosmetic studio where we enhance your beauty through professional treatments. Discover the full range of our services and get inspired by our approach to the art of beauty.

ArtPmu Academy - training sessions

ArtPmu Academy is an Educational Institution of the Ministry of National Education, offering permanent makeup training at the highest, global level. Students can receive education and training in…

ArtPmu Estetica - treatments

Discover our ArtPmu Estetica Cosmetic Studio, where we focus on excellence in every detail. We provide a wide range of treatments for the face and body. Let us enhance your beauty and…


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